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efforts to stabilize the situation? ukraine. secretary of state john kerry meeting with russian's foreign minister in paris. >> crimea, was, is, and will be an integral part of the state of ukraine. >> ukraine's new prime minister talking about those tensions in crimea. as russian navy ships remain in the port. >>> and the american fighter jet that is costing taxpayers a fortune right now. ♪ >>> top diplomats trying to end the crisis in ukraine gathering in paris. john kerry is in paris trying to diffuse the crisis in ukraine. earlier today, his counterpart climbing there are no russian forces on the ground. >> the people do not listen to our orders, but the russian military forces in the black sea fleet are placed at the right spots a and some special alert measures have been adopted to control the black sea feet, because as our president said we are not going to allow any blood to be spilled. >> phil ittner joins us live now from paris. >> del, sergey lavrov may say there are no troops, but as far as the west is concerned those are russian troops. it appears as though the tactic is go
russian counterpart, to try to convince russia to pull back its military push into ukraine. russian troops control the crimean peninsula. and president putin says his troops stand ready to protect ukraine's russian-speaking population from any vengeful actions by the country's new pro-european government. secretary kerry says there's nothing to suggest that russian ukrainians are in any jeopardy. >> they would have you believe that kiev is trying to destabilize crimea. or that somehow russian leaders invited intervention. not a single piece of credible evidence supports any one of these claims. >> for now, european leaders are pushing a diplomatic plan to station u.n. observers in ukraine to *ensure that russian ukrainians are safe. when european leaders meet tomorrow, they will consider sanctions against russia, if there is no de-escalation in the crisis. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. this man is charged with aggravated battery. jose garcia is jailed on 400- thousand dollars bond after police say he shook his three- week-old daughter repeatedly, causing severe tra
to you? russian has decided to pick a fight with ukraine and supporters around the world, and how those supporters express their displeasure may effect russian economy with risks to its neighbors. >> reporter: global powers to the east and west discuss ways to prevent escalation after the weekend takeover. pro russian troops have taken over and russia said it's not their military. in paris u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with russian foreign ministers sergei lavrov in a session that was intended to be about lebanon. >> the suspending u.s.-russia engagement, and suspending g-8 summit. russia made a choice. we believe it is a wrong choice, the choice to move troops into crimea. >> reporter: on wednesday the european union offered ukraine $15 billion in aid. the same amount russia offered the country before former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych ouster. the e.u. plans to meet thursday about the possibility of sanctions but so far the group has treaded lightly. >> crisis diplomacy is not a weakness but it is more important than ever for us not to fall into the abyss of a milita
. that in a onesie russian ukraine but together they wants a division between us. this is all while watson meanwhile has set us up and is seeking the air intakes minute sprinkler in the fight against fascism. it commemorates an artist who died trying to protect the model and their families pharmacy could eulogy that threatens to take this region and the water all over. today almost seventy years later it seems the principles and values. these brave people fourfold big and in danger while the force. the dogfight st. maybe making a comeback chris notion of an aussie from crimea. now the crisis in ukraine is making outlines around the globe him but man a report that the are misleading and overblown artistic interconnect is monitoring the major news outlets. thus the ukraine has been a media frenzy the likes of which we have not seen in awhile. at this hour. it appears russian military forces are crossing the border into neighboring ukraine and russia is an invasion is a russian military helicopters and planes air intake in ukraine the russians have already flown in forces into with the crimean into sou
the crisis in ukraine. >> major developments today in the volatile crisis in ukraine. >> russian troops amass in crimea. >> vladimir putin denies they're even russian. >> it was a bit of a rambling press conference to be honest. >> he really denied there were troops in crimea? >> what russia did was wrong and i will not sit here and apologize or defend military aggression. >> so, you know, what are the real options? >> there is little appetite in the u.s. or europe to get involved militarily. >> is there an exit ramp approaching? >> providing this off ramp. >> this morning, secretary of state john kerry arrived. >> kerry's arrival coin sides with a proposed pact -- >> will europe go along with the united states to make it truly effective? >> there's not a clear black and white. >> that's because europe and the u.s. aren't entirely on the same page. >> merkel basically questioned putin's state of mind. >> he is living in a different world and the europeans understand that. >> there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. >> in a press conference today, vladimir
and ukraine. russians are not invaders this mother shouts at her sons, and comrades. they explain that they are caught in the middle. but she is not convinced. >> we are on our land. >> translation: this is ukrainian territory, many don't understand us. there are different opinions and people are stressed out. >> as the crisis deepens, one of the biggest challenges for the military is to stay disciplined in the face of growing divisions in the country they swore to serve. >>> let's hear from nadine who is in kiev. kerry has moved to paris, but what was his visit there like? >> he was here on tuesday. it was an emotional visit. he took time to go to the spot not far from where i am, where dozens - scores of protesters were killed a few weeks ago. he laid flowers there, talked to the crowd who thanked him for his presence and support. his visit was a visit of solidarity for the new government. he has been in contact with european union leaders. they've been more reticent about imposing swift sanctions on russia. the u.s. talked about trade sanctions. now we are hearing from, in fact
of the city, bellhaven. >>> tensions are easing in ukraine. russian troops are not leaving. top diplomats from russian, ukraine, britain and france are all in paris looking for common ground but already, as craig boswell reports, there has been a setback. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is in paris for a critical meeting with russia's top diplomats. secretary kerry tried to convince the russians to speak directly with ukranian leaders but couldn't get them in the same room. he is expected to propose a peaceful way out for russia that asks moscow to send its troops back to bases to accept international monitors and to endorse may elections to set up a new government in kiev. russia says it's troops are protecting ethnic russians in crimea. the obama administration wants to impose economic sanctions on russian if it doesn't pull back troops but some european allies, especially germany, are reluctant to go along. russian president vladimir putin has warned any sanctions would result in what he calls serious mutual damage. while the diplomatic wheels turn, russian and ukrainian troops a
debating the facts on the ground with respect to what's happening on the ground in ukraine. russian president basically saying that he's trying to defend the rights of ethnic russians in ukraine and the president spent the time saying, no, putin, you're wrong. that's not what's happening in ukraine. so interesting to see that just in that phone call there was sort of a tense dynamic going on, anderson. >> and the president also spoke with german chancellor angela merkel. do you know much about that conversation? >> reporter: they spoke for an hour, anderson. one thing that did come up during the phone call is according to a senior administration official the german chancellor is working on an off ramp to get putin out of the crisis and out of crimea or at least to get the russian forces back into their base in crimea and what that off ramp involves is bringing in international observers to basically look after the interest of ethnic russians, a key putin concern. by the way, administration officials say that concern is bogus at this point. ethnic russians aren't being threatened in
activity today, and we will get to that in a moment. on the ground in ukraine, pro-russian demonstrators stormed the regional government holding. russia tightened its grip on military facilities. our bbc world news editor has our coverage. ,> it was inside this cafÉ besieged by noisy, pro-russian demonstrators that the u.n. envoy took refuge. the doorway was barred by ukrainian security police. though, as usual, it was not quite clear whose side they were on. it stayed remarkably cool inside, as he contacted the u.n. in new york and came to the conclusion that the sensible thing would be to cut his visit short. he had to make his way through the hostile crowd, but there was no physical aggression, and he kept his composure as he got into the waiting car to head off .o the import the crisis in ukraine can only be sorted out by diplomatic means, essentially between russia and america. they took the chance to talk to his american member, john kerry. they were calling for the international support group. there was a lot of negotiating still to be done, and the americans are still using thei
reserves the right to use force to protect ethnic russians in ukraine. >> reporter: if we see that lawlessness starting in eastern regions too, if people ask us for help we reserve the right to use all options at our disposal to protect those citizens. >> woodruff: on politics, the russian leader said viktor yanukovich is the legitimate president of ukraine but acknowledged he has no political future. and putin suggested moscow might reject the results of any new elections. >> reporter: it depends on how they will be held. if they are held in the same terror that we see now in kiev, then we won't recognize. >> woodruff: in washington, president obama flatly rejected putin's justifications for russia's actions. >> president putin seems to have different set of lawyers making different set of interpretations. but i don't think that's fooling anybody. i think everybody recognizes that although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in neighboring state, that does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence in that state >> woodruff: ukraine's new
by ashley into camp. isn't it funny we are cursed and has defended russia's intervention in ukraine russian forces are facing off against ukrainian troops in the crimean peninsula. putin said no military action is needed for now bye. he says russians will protect their own. an hq of cheesecake stamina for points the twenty fifth of those only be low key the pup list. richie's ramsey eyes are upon the president of the story and cody to be his last press conference in moscow. tease apart the crisis began in ukraine. he says his men shown want to go to law review praying about the eighties that was the right to use all means to protect people living in ukraine. on the ground in crimea the atmosphere remains pass up the meat they danced in the back nine th send troops to our esteemed pressing their ukrainian kong prior to that end i was of the city. as time goes to praise band aid and bays in the southern region. because of pride by russell cross these days ago. on tuesday about to walk on the ukrainian style is juz came back to d land access the side. in the end there at about ten ukrainians h
] putin! the old -- it's the old bizarre animatronic trojan bear gag. it began when ukraine's russian leading president yanukovych. a new ukrainian president came in and russia has invaded crimea. russia would contest two of those points i made tnch in a russian city across the border vic cuc thu tran insist -- viktor yanukovych insisted did he not flee. >> jon: right. you didn't flee you just remembered in the middle of the night that you forgot to turn the oven off in russia. [ laughter ] and the second point of contention involves this whole russian military in crimea thing. >> here say quote "such reports are utter rubbish." we've gotten used to claims that we're conducting military operations against our neighbor. >> jon: can't a neighbor throwed an armed surprise party for a small part of ukraine that historically belonged to us without everything thinks? the russian troops are not on the ground in crimea. >> the russian government has not officially recognized the fact that these are russian solders. >> unmarked no insignia on the ground in crimea. >> they wouldn't tell us who
will stand with the people of ukraine. >> there was one dramatic moment between ukrainian troops and russian soldiers. a tense standoff. it was on camera. randall pinkston is here with more on that. >> ukraine's military evicted by russian forces this past weekend said they wanted to do their duty, to return to belbek, to protect the air force. their risky, maybe foolhardy gambit triggered gunfire, the first time in the showdown with russia. [ singing ] >> led by their commander ukrainian airmen marched from the barracks to the air base that russian soldiers have taken over. russians warned them to shop. the ukrainians kept coming saying, "let us enter the base, we rule here", russian snipers took up positions, aiming weapons at the ukrainians who left their callish na coves in the barracks. a russian soldier said, "you are provoking us", a ukrainian replied, "we are without weapons", there was a tense standoff, and phone calls between commanders. the ukrainians played soccer whilst waiting. plain clothed russian-crimean defense forces. the high risk manoeuvre was called off, and the men wer
virtually non existent in the ukraine people want to bad and russian speakers from using the language a little floppy five percent of the population of our actions speak of the small revolution of the stopwatch for a very dark seedy is all caucasus so if you are getting rid of the article that. to put it on rio. a patriotic person who would be like that though for all the people in the ukraine who would seek to unite the people of ukraine rather than divide them. who would seek to have good relations with that in a bus rather than provocative may seek to be a tough call for how the poems and interests as an interested than double the only different thing that was george galloway and member of the uk parliament's respect party and newly discovered evidence is now suggesting that it taxes father was executed ten years ago for killing his three daughters may have been innocent all along. cameron todd willingham was sentenced to death in nineteen ninety two u after being convicted of murdering his daughters by burning down the home they were and. however that was all according to our seve
request, to hold a special meeting in belgium today... to discuss russian military invasion of ukraine's crimea region. as >>> russia that is agreed to a nato request to hold a special immediating in belgium later today to discuss the russian military of ukraine's crimea region. as cbs news reporter susan mcginnis reports, tensions over the standoff do seem to be easing a bit though. >>> reporter: diplomacy takes center stage today surrounding russia's invasion of ukraine. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet with his russian counterpart this morning in paris. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russian and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. >> reporter: last night, president obama talked about a possible resolution with german chancellor angela merkel. the proposal would allow russian troops to stay in crimea but on their bases in the region. and international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. russian president vladimir putin calls the invasion a humanitarian mission to protect those russians living in u
or nine years ago. >> we will come back to you later, ryan chilcote live in the ukraine. >> russian markets bore the brunt of the emerging market follow its. jonathan ferro has more on the emerging market reaction. yesterday was a bit of a bounce. today? >> let's call yesterday monday and reverse. seeing stronger markets in asia and with all money going into the swiss franc and the japanese yen, a bit of a turnaround. dollar-yen high if you ever nikkei,to trade the it is up 1.5%. escalation has diminished somewhat. markets rarely have 2020 vision but people can get a little blasÉ. is 175ual gdp of ukraine billion dollars, four days of gdp and the u.s. and the entire stock capitalization is about the size of the disney company. this was never about ukraine. it was about spillover effect and what happens with russia and the eu. can you say that putin really stepped back yesterday? language and he did seem to step back somewhat. investors have jumped on it and they are almost back to where they were monday morning. >> you're describing it as a move back from the brink of war to a war
.33 a barrel. and notice the markets have put this behind them. the events in ukraine remain fluid. russian soldiers fired warning shots to push back ukrainian soldiers. no one was hurt hurt. secretary of state john kerry was in the capitol of kiev carrying on a promise of $1 billion in emergency aid and criticized russia's moves in ukraine. >>> the crisis in ukraine is shining a harsh light on that country's economy and it's need to avoid default and it's highlighted russia's economic weakness and it's overreliance on energy exports. these two countries are home to plenty of rich people. plenty of billionaires, but that was not always the case. back in 2004 forbes reported that russia had 25 billion narrows and ukraine had none. ten years later forbes said russian has 111 billion narrows and ukraine has nine. the u.s. and china have the world's most billion narrows. all this information and more is in the forbes world billion narrows issue out this week. joining me to talk about those on the list, cary, good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me . >> ologarts
, but there are russia's -- russians and western ukraine. their situation is even more difficult. minority. they are being oppressed. how can we help them? >> we think that the current authorities, if they really claim to be civilized, should make sure that their citizens are secure regardless of where they live. we will watch and monitor the situation, of course. thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] senators chris murphy, john mccain, and jeff sessions spoke about russian intervention in ukraine in floor speeches on tuesday. this is 30 minutes. completely dwarfing any amount of money spent on the other side. i want to talk about the ongoing crisis in the ukraine and i'm glad to have senator mccain on the floor today because it's really hard to describe the sensation both he and i felt at the end of last year when we got the chance to travel to the midon, independent square in kiev and speak to about a million people. and it was even harder to describe the sensation of hearing that group of people yellin
's a cause for action. >> reporter: and tenses rose in eastern ukraine. in crimea where the russian navy, air force, and army have control, russian advocates strapped in a cafe, a dutch united nations man finally three. aboorted his mission and checked vladimir putin's rationale for sending russians here. that they're in danger. in paris russian foreign minister met with secretary of state kerry but he refused to meet with ukrainians. >> we renew our call for russians to speak for the government of ukraine to send troops back to their bases. >> reporter: back in washington john mccain charge thad obama defense secretary chuck hagel did not know putin would send troops to crimea. >> the fact is, mr. secretary, it was not predicted by our intelligence and that's already been well known, which is another massive failure. >> this wasn't sudden or new, that we didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: house republicans say they'll support economic sanctions if that's what the president wants. >> to give the administration the necessary tools it needs to tell mr. putin to stand down. >> reporter:
to the ukraine and russian nationalists opposed that. back to that in a minute. the main point here is that tensions from the end of the cold war started. 994, there was an agreement that ukraine would give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for russia, u.s., and european security assurances that all of the states would guarantee ukrainian territory. that is what has been questioned. that agreement in 1994, the budapest agreement, was a neutralized ukraine and all the states guaranteed its territorial integrity. that is basically what has fallen apart with putin going into the crimea. marketas often seen as a tactician. how on earth did he not see this one coming? there was already a threat to the black sea fleet at its main base. we have had a country which has , some would say, by a kleptocratic government for some time. how did he take his eye off the ball? >> from his perspective, he was worried that he made movement would renounce ukrainian neutrality. it would join nato, join the move towardsn, or the european union, and therefore undermined the eurasian customs union that try
at life and security of those who live in the ukraine including, of course, the citizens of the russian federation. >> reporter: sergei lavrov speaking in madrid. let's go to tom barge who sdwroins us now from madrid. was anything discussed about this outline plan about international monitors, tom? >> reporter: it's interesting, a small protest group living in ukraine. on that point sergei lavrov said the west are going to have to ask the crimean government, the regional governments in crimea. that government is very new finance the last few days and pro russian. russia trying to push the idea that the legitimate authority in that part of ukraine is the regional government. also, interesting when we asked lavrov whether russia would be willing to negotiate the withdraw of forces, sergei lavrov saying those forces do not take authority from moscow. no real detail about how this could be resolved, and despite all the friendly language between the spanish foreign minister and russian foreign minister particularly about economic and mutual business interest, when it comes to the legitimate
: this is the first face-to-face meeting between top american and russian officials since things in ukraine and crimea took a dramatic turn for the worse over the weekend. there seems to be an enormous gulf in perception between washington and mock on you as to what is happening in crimea and the nature of events in kiev over the past few days, moscow saying that an illegal rebellion led by facists. americans with european leaders stressing its legitimacy. there is that huge gulf between them. on the other hand, as you heard sergei lavrov saying russia does not want bloodshed, the west saying they will treat russia as a partner on this issue. so there is scope for common ground and i guess events in paris over the next few hours will give us a pretty good sign as to whether the diplomatic tension is going to drag on or worsen within the or if there are the first chinks of light at the end of the tunnel. there's a way through with dye log? we don't know yet. >> the trial of three al jazeera journalists was resumed in egypt. the court is hearing evidence for the prosecution. peter gresta, barha mohammed
. tragically, it appears ukrainian diplomats forget to call no backsies. >> wanting to keep ukraine a russian state. will secretary kerry's visit help? and hillary clinton goes after putin with a nazi germany comparison. does that enhance her poll numbers? >>> and john travolta's mea culpa. >>> good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it's wednesday, march 5th. welcome to "way too early," trying to limit its flubs to one syllable. it depends on where you put the emphasis on the syllable. meeting with his russian counterpart to talk through mounting tensions through ukraine. secretary kerry visited kiev, bringing with him prayers for slain protesters and $1 billion aid
in ukraine. russian soldiers continue to blockade and occupy ukrainian military facilities in crimea. firing warning shots in the air as unarmed ukrainian soldiers sought to regain control of a contested airfield. ukrainian soldiers and their russian counterparts stared each other down in tense standoffs, russian president vladimir putin finally broke his silence on the unfolding situation. accusing the u.s. of treating ukrainians like lab rats and insisting russian troops in crimea wearing unmarked uniforms are local defense forces. what happens now is anyone's guess. >> man, what's going on? ♪ >> the first shots fired today, luckily just warning shots as an extraordinary moment unfolded in crimea this morning when troops led by their colonel decided to march to the airfield they used to man until the russians arrived last week. there, unarmed, singing the ukraine national anthem, they confronted the russian soldiers. >> the standoff lasted five hours. russian snipers at the ready. finally, the ukrainians backed down. >> the standoff lasted five hours. russian snipers at the ready. finall
of diplomatic maneuvering on ukraine throughout europe today. the russian foreign minister was in spain first this morning for talks. speaking in madrid, he repeated russia's assertion that armed men deployed in the eastern ukrainian region of crimea are not russian forces. >> we believe that the problem in ukraine comes from the international community's lack of reaction. it failed to find a concerted response to demonstrations against the ukrainian government , protests that violated severely the ukrainian constitution. voices from abroad didn't just fail to react to some encouraged and even instigated the movement. russian foreign minister is also in paris today, sitting down with u.s. secretary of state john kerry. ukrainian foreign minister already met with his french counterpart in paris. let's listen. >> it was aggression from the russian side in crimea. but it is now time to think about the way out, and it is not only about ukraine, but the future of russia, how russia will do with what it did to ukraine. arance's position -- it is firm position against the russian intervention. forth
the syrian war, but even that has been shadowed by the events in ukraine. >> holding talks with russian diplomats at the headquarters in brussels. the crisis in ukraine straining relationships between n.a.t.o. members and russia. >> reporter: the meeting is taking place under something rather technically sounds rather dull, the russia n.a.t.o. council, but that organization formed in 2002 actually is responsible for incident mitt military cooperation. for example, russia and n.a.t.o. have an institution in fixes afghan helicopters. they have an operation in afghanistan of narcotic troops. it funds anti-piracy operations. these are quite important. military collaboration operations. one thought is if n.a.t.o. is sufficiently angry with its russian partner they may threaten to suspend or council some of those organizations and some of those collaborations. we won't know for sure. what we do know is that when the meeting ends we'll have a statement, and possibly some comments from the russian ambassador alexander krushchev himself. >> we'll bring mu more at the top of the top of the news
government. they'll go to the ukraine, then to crimea, to look at human rights and the security. russian cooperation may be needed for this, it's unclear when they may get into crimea, if at all. >> lisa stark for us in washington. >>> there is increasing international pressure on russia to pull his troops pt the white house has been reaches out to allies, especially germany, that has strong economic ties. >> german chancellor angela merkel reportedly saying in a private phone call that vladimir putin was living in another world. angela merkel said little publicly. and appears to be by design. behind the scenes angela merkel is at the center of quiet diplomacy. russia and germany have strong economic ties. germany is the biggest importer of russian gas and oil, some coming through ukrainian pipelines and russia accounts for 36 of gas production. angela merkel and vladimir putin maintained a strong business like relationship. vladimir putin speaks german after having been stationed in dressden. analysts say they seem to respect each other's toughness. putin and angela merkel spoke several
, she told me, go serve in ukraine. just across the street from the naval base, russian sold, are setting up camp. and that's what the russians have done across crimea. this russian base overlooks the base. inside, the ukrainian chief of staff is talking outside of his gate. >> we're talking in the same language, but the situation, you can see from the outside, on the top of the abandoned building, you can see the position, the fire position, and it's pointed to our direction. >> reporter: and his camp refuses to change its flag and it's loyalties to ukraine. >> nobody wants to be betrayed in the eyes of our country mates. >> back in the bay is the country's only submarine, also blocked by the russians. here both navies sit side-by-side, but only the russian boats can move in this stand off in the sea. >> ukraine's ambassador to the united nations spoke with aljazeera today. and here's why he thinks russian troops are on the move in crimea. >> the exact goal is not known, but the result, to bring more support, and then to help to create the puppet government as happened in -
the russian federation's act of aggression. >> the u.s. threatens moscow with further isolation over ukraine. in crimea, we find soldiers pressured to take sides. >>> three of the al jazeera journalists detained in an egyptian prison are making their second court appearance. >>> turning pledges into policy - china announces sweeping reforms at the opening of its parliamentary regs. >>> from physical abuse to sexual violence - stalking, online attacks. >>> world powers usually preoccupied with syria are now rapidly flying diplomats around the globe to get to grips with ukraine. as with syria the crisis pits the united states and europe against russia. john kerry and his russian counterpart sergei lavrov are due to meet in paris. they are meant to talk about syria, but no doubt ukraine will feature. while the documents talk, ukrainian soldiers are essentially surrounded by russian forces, being pressured, in some cases, to choose sides. russia will try everything it can to prevent violence. >> if you talk about self-defence of the crimean people, we have not given them any orders. with regards
was in ukraine tuesday in a show support for the new government. a news conference with russian president vladimir putin and has some. -- in his home. he spoke with reporters on tuesday. this is just over an hour. to use force, it would be humanitarian. this is just over one hour. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. proposal. let's not have an interview but a conversation. i would like you to give you as many questions -- i will write them down. try to respond to them. later on, we will talk in detail. on some of the issues that you are interested in specifically. >> mr. pruden, i would like to mr. putin, how do you assess the events in kiev? you believe that the government or president are legitimate? under what conditions are you willing to support them? is it possible to go back to the agreements of february 21 which were mentioned often here? hold on a second. russia promised financial support to crimea. of atre an understanding what source and what conditions -- >>: the second. just wait a while. -- hold on a second. just wait a while. when and what conditions, i am from interfa
..studentcam..or >> once again, waiting for remarks from ukraine on secretary of state, john kerry and his russian counterpart, sergey lavrov. both are in paris with talks to resolve the standoff in ukraine. until then, some comments from the senate floor in the russian intervention in that country. this is from yesterday will show you as much as we can until secretary kerry gets underway. >> i wanted to come to the floor today and talk about the ongoing crisis in ukraine. i am glad senator mccain on the floor today because it is hard to describe the sensation that ot and i felt at the end of last year when we got the chance to travel to the mad dog square in kiev and talk to people. it is hard to describe a group of people yelling back to you in unison. thank you, u.s.a. thank you, u.s.a. but that was the reality we were able to experience. it is im know that senator mccain and i did not go to advocate for president yanukovich's removal, even though the process resulted in that fact. in actuait fact. in actuality, we spent two hours that night meeting with yanukovich, pleading with him to abandon
that russian president vladimir putin is plotting to escalate the crisis in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry set to meet in paris just hours from now. they are meeting there for talks to try to end the crisis. putin is talking of expanding his military operation in crimea. the russian president says there are no russian soldiers in ukraine. he insists they are just local self defense forces. >> russian forces have seized part of a ukrainian missle defense unit. they are trying to find a solution. we have reporters on the ground in ukraine, russia, and washington this morning covering all the angles. let's begin with cnn white house correspondent. what are you hearing from the white house this morning? >> reporter: nothing this early at this point. today john kerry is going to meet with his counter part, the russian foreign minister. leaders there are expressing concern at not seeing russia at this point at the table to talk about this situation. that talk between secretary kerry and the foreign minister, as far as we know at this point, is expected to go forward in a matter of hours. e
for it to support the russian speaking population in twenty am and in other regions of ukraine demonstrators were holding russian flags and slogans urging support for crimea. among the demonstrators were volunteer with just come back from ukraine where they want to offer support. the kremlin meanwhile delivered a robust defence of russia back to the crimea same brush with youth sports in ukraine only as a last resort. most educated russians have come out against russian president but the report the decision to axe the crimean peninsula president would ever put in a given a theatrical hour long press coverage of the scalp and a cute the united states and european union of the beast instigating if not carrying out the fremont protecting key at that altitude wanted former president victory on a private in another development ukraine's be the flagship forget after the prosperous trade on tuesday having arrived in turkish territorial waters earlier in the day of enhancements like a is headed back to its home base of service will fall as tensions remain high in the crimean peninsula. the us next week.
to take sides in a place where there are strong roots in both russia and ukraine. russians are not invaders this mother shouts at her son and his comrades. they try to explain that they're caught in the middle but she's not convinced. >> we are on our land. this is ukrainian territory. many people don't understand us. here we are from the east, west, and south. there are different opinions, and people are stressed out. it's hard. >> reporter: as the crisis deepens in crimea perhaps one of the biggest challenges for the ukrainian military is to stay disciplined in the face of growing divisions in the country they swore to swerve. >> al jazeera, ukraine. >> harsh words from maduro to panama. he said he's breaking ties with panama. he claims that it's government are conspiring against him. remarks after celebration of the death of late president hu hugo chavez. >> it has been a day of lavish and solemn words for the departed leader hugo chavez who died a year ago today. i'm here in the neighborhood rich with political history for the country of venezuela. behind me is a milita
familiar, the white house condemns the russians after they invade a sovereign nation. not ukraine. georgia back in 2008. is president obama's response that different from george w. bush's at that point p. >>> also politics, argue about an issue long enough and sooner or later someone brings up the nazis. hillary clinton comparing putin to adolf hitler. did he go too far? good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. the word lead, for days now every time that red phone rang the russians have seemingly been checking their caller i.d. and saying it's the americans again, let it go to voice mail. literally, lots of unreturned phone calls between u.s. and russian dips. that changed a short time ago with the highest level diplomatic talks we've witnessed since the crisis began. secretary of state john kerry meeting with his counterpart sergey lavrov this afternoon. from the way kerry later described it the main weapon the u.s. is using against the russians is shame. >> russia's violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity as actually united the world in support of the ukrainian peo
's stepping in or that russia has a right to defend the interests of ethnic russians in ukraine. and that the president spent much of that the phone call basically disagreeing with vladimir putin. so i think that that goes to what we've been hearing over the last several days from administration officials that there's just sort of a fundamental disagreement over the facts on the ground as they stand now in ukraine and why putin is doing what he's doing. what's interesting is that the senior administration official sort of challenged the notion that putin is acting unhinged. they reiterated this to us that they believe he is acting consistently, that this has been going on since the invasion of georgia back in 2008 and that putin, according to administration officials, just feels threatened when there are popular uprisings against governments aligned with him. that was the motivating factor for what happened in crimea. and wham may be happening in the rest of ukraine. and one thing we also picked up on during this meeting is that the president did speak with angela merkel, the ge
of the ukraine today. the russian president and u s had to stay. john kerry spoke out within hours of each half as they presented the world with the presence of events kerry's intervention came as he arrived in kiev to show support for the country's new leadership of the small role but financial. with the aid package including a billion dollars of energy subsidies then we can warn that his government was going up from the sanctions to impose and russia. as soon as this week so far the sanctions and diplomatic isolation appeared to be having little impact will be hearing from our reporters throughout the region often visible on the laces fuss moving to them while we still see me and putting them into the panic among the non ukrainian treat the nice in the green the emboldened by the team's presence. they seek to negotiate with the russian forces controlling and things the russian soldiers on meeting the times reported from time magazine present at the seams. eventually backed down. instead they have to await orders from moscow to how to proceed. it is judging into tin for the last time consequen
." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> now for the latest on the crisis in ukraine. russian has agreed to nato's request to hold a special meeting in belgium today. that meeting will be to discuss the russian military invasion of ukraine's crimea region. meanwhile, u.s. secretary of state john kerry has a meeting of his own today to be held in france. he will speak with his russian counterpart, a foreign minister. >> president obama and i want to make it clear 20 russia and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. >> last night president obama talked about a possibly resolution with german chancellor angela merkel. the proposal would allow russian troops to stay in crimea but only on their bases in that region. international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. >>> happening today, the family of a woman found dead in the stairway at san francisco general hospital will file a formal claim against the city. lynne spalding's family is demanding an unspecified amount of money but in the past, they have indicated they want the hospital and
the russians personally and directly if they interfered in ukraine, if that were the case. if we put them in nato, then we're all the way on the front lines ourselves. why would this country want to bring our front all the way to the border between ukraine and russia? what would be the national interest in doing that? >> i have to make a generalization. what we're witnessing in this crisis in ukraine, and essentially, it's moving the old metaphorical curtain in berlin right to russia's borders. if it stay there's, my kids, grandkids are going to have to live with it, and it's going to be more dangerous than the last cold war. what this represents is a collapse of bipartisan american policy towards russia. and therefore everyone, hadley and all the rest who are centrally involved in implementing this policy are trying to make it go away by doing one of two things. blame only putin. only putin is responsible. he may be hitler or even worse, and say let's fight. and you can't bring ukraine into nato unless you change the rules, because no country that doesn't control its own territory can be
is identified. it does not just say citizen of ukraine. under their plans it would say jew, russian or pole. what a retrograde, creepy, disturbing move that would be. and of course they have called for at pollution of ukrainian--excuse me, of crimeaen a to autonomy. so they do have worry to have people like this in the ukrainian government. putin has gone so far exaggera exaggerating the dangers, but there is something there to take account of the settlement. >> robert english, thank you for being with us from los angeles, and remember for all the latest events coming out of ukraine and the rest of today's headlines you can follow us on twitter. >>> president obama is in connecticut today pushing for an increase in the minimum wage. he is expected to speak within the hour. mike viqueira is at washington, d.c. now, and mike, when do we expect to hear from the president? >> reporter: the prospects are dim for what the president wants. he backed that bill in the senate to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 up from its current $7.25. the prospects are dim because the congressional office a couple
russian citizens in ukraine. in fact, "the new york times" reported this week that russian tourists have been sent to eastern ukraine where they are stirring up anger and resentment against the ukrainian government in kiev. arguing that russia can militarily invade another country any time, to protect russian people is an ominous suggestion that raises alarms for independent sovereign nations all along the russian borders and also raises the chapters of history back in the middle of the 20th century, which we need not recount here in detail. one need only look at the two regions of georgia that have been militarily occupied by russia since 2008. russia continues to illegally occupy these areas and has erected fences along administrative lines and permanent military bases in violation of the cease-fire agreement negotiated with the european union. now, i have been there myself and i have seen the deeply troubling permanent bases and boundary fences in georgia. the president of the republic of georgia came to see me the day after the final ceremonies at sochi at the olympic ceremonies, and
to the russians, but also for the ukrainians to do so. >> we're doing everything to bring russia and ukraine in to direct contact with each other and make sure the governments are talking to each other, which the russians have not been willing to do at a senior level in recent days. >> reporter: all of this suggest there is a willingness for dialogue. russia considers the new russia in kiev ill legitimate, the southwest going out of its way to help that government. >> the package combined could bring an overall support of at least 11 billion euros over the next couple of years from european budget and the financial institutions. it is designed to assist the new ukrainian government. >> reporter: governments had originally come here to discussion the syrian war. but even that has been other shadowed by events in ukraine. >> the crisis in ukraine has strained relations between nato members and russia. simon joins us now. what is nato's strategy in regards to ukraine? >> i think specifically today it is to make sure that wherever the russians turn, in this case in about an hour the russian amba
that is? would you have seen this russian incursion into crimea if ukraine was in nato and do you expect in the wake of what's happened here for many more joining? >> it would trigger nato involvement in the crisis. this would be a political decision and a very momentous to bring nato up to the border. it would get flood mile an hour putin's attention. >> let me ask you this. russian troops who took part in recent games are still in the field and haven't returned to the barracks. should that worry the u.s.? do you think those exercises could be a smoke screen or is this something that really the use shouldn't read into? >> i think we should be worried. crimea is the first step and there plenty of russians in the senior parts of ukraine where russia could deploy and slice off. >>s of ukraine. slice off parts of georgia with that country. this is very serious. we shouldn't expect crimea to be part of the crisis. this is not unlike nazi germany and the cessation of the plan and ethnic speaking germans and an area that will be given to the czechoslovakia by the treaty of 1919, 20 years befor
in the ukraine. just moments ago, hundreds of demonstrators waving russian flags stormed a government building. the ukraine's new prime minister vigorously defended the legality. in ukraine with more -- peninsulasis on the is now also at see. these two ukrainian warships ships an, russian serious part of the fleet. the ukraine has accused russia of demanding the surrender of these antisubmarine and command ships. they have refused, there you can't -- ukrainian flag still waving. we count at least three russian ships not letting anyone in or out. they tried to force the surrender of ukrainian basis. but russia today continues to deny these shadowy forces are theirs. >> you do not have any power over them. they do not listen. >> russia says it has the right to defend its citizens while the u.s. and its allies accuse russia of invading the ukraine and are demanding the with drawl of their forces. class if russia does not choose to de-escalate, our partners will have no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent .ays in order to isolate russia >> all diplomatic
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